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Home Care Services in Buffalo MN: Senior Balance Tips

In a study of more than 600 older men and women, it was determined that 34.3% of them experienced balance disorders. Balance disorders were more common in adults who had four or more chronic health conditions, experienced incontinence, were obese, or had a history of previous falls. Hiring Home care services providers can be a good idea to keep your senior on track.

Many other factors can impact balance. If your parents take daily prescription medications that cause dizziness, they’re more likely to experience issues with balance. If they wear shoes that don’t fit well, they may experience foot pain, increasing the risk of a fall. A shuffling gait can also impact balance.

What can you do to ensure your parents have the lowest possible fall risk? Here are some simple stretches that help improve muscle tone that can help with balance.

Hamstring Stretches

The hamstrings are the muscles in your upper leg/thigh’s back. Tone these muscles through stretches that your parents can perform sitting in a chair.

Your mom and dad should stretch a leg out straight and point the toe to the ceiling from a seated position. While bending at the waist, they want to reach for their toes with their hands. Hold that stretch for a count of ten and sit back up. Switch sides and repeat the exercise at least five times per leg.

Hip Strengthening

Your parents want to bring the knee up as high as they can get it from a standing position. Hold this marching pose for a count of ten and lower the leg again. Switch to the next leg and repeat.

Think of it as a slow march that involves keeping the knee raised to provide the full workout to the muscles in the legs and hips. If your parents need to do this while holding a chair for balance, that’s fine.

While holding a chair for balance, your parents should also do circles with their hips, similar to what they’d do when using a hula hoop. Circle the hips ten times in a clockwise direction and then switch and do the same counterclockwise.

Quadriceps Stretches

The quadriceps are the muscles on the front of the upper leg/thigh. Your parents want to do these while standing up and holding a chair for support.

Holding the chair, your parents want to bend the knee and bring the foot so that the calf is parallel to the floor. If they can get the foot even closer to their body, that provides more of a stretch to work the muscles. Hold that position for a count of ten and lower the leg. Switch to the other.

Home care assistance services cover all aspects of the help your parents need to stay independent. They need encouragement to complete their daily exercise routines, and their caregivers are there for support.

Caregivers also help with meals, transportation, housekeeping, laundry, personal care, and so much more. Call a home care assistance specialist to learn more.

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