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Senior Care in Blaine MN: Dressing

Senior Care: Unfortunately, there are many senior citizens that aren’t able to dress themselves.

There are numerous reasons why this might happen. Some elderly people have chronic pain that prevents them from reaching or bending down to get their clothes on. Other elderly people can’t tell which outfits match or they may forget to get dressed. If your elderly loved one is having a difficult time dressing themselves or they can’t do it at all, there are some ways that you can help such as senior care assistance.

Giving Choices

Maybe, your elderly loved one can’t figure out what they should wear in the first place. They may be getting too overwhelmed or they may not have a great vision which is impacting their ability to pick out matching clothes. If either of these things are happening, it is important that you or a senior home care provider are giving your elderly loved one choices. For example, you can set out two outfits for your elderly loved one to choose from each day.

Getting Comfortable Clothing Options

Is your elderly loved one having a difficult time getting their clothes on? If so, it may be because it is too difficult to pull certain clothes on over their head. They may also have trouble zipping their pants or buttoning a shirt. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to get your elderly loved one clothing that is more comfortable and looser, perhaps. Some examples might be t-shirts, pants with elastic instead of zippers, and loose sweatshirts.

Having Someone Get Them Dressed

Is your elderly loved one no longer able to get themselves dressed? Maybe, they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or another condition that affects their ability to get dressed or undressed. If this is the case, it is imperative that your elderly loved one has someone to help them with getting dressed each day. If you need someone to help your elderly loved one do this, you can hire senior home care providers. This is one of the types of tasks they are used to helping senior citizens with.

Senior Care: Conclusion

There are many reasons why many senior citizens can’t properly get dressed. No matter what the issue may be for your elderly loved one, there are different ways that you can help them out every day. The above-noted options are just some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one with getting dressed.

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