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Home Care Services in Blaine MN: Senior Care Tips

Do you think the coronavirus is weighing on your elderly loved one’s mind?

If so, you might notice they are acting differently than normal. If you notice the following reactions in your elderly loved one, it might be beneficial to talk to them about the coronavirus. Let them know you understand what they are going through. Tell your elderly loved one that you and their caregivers are there if they need to talk.

Anxiety, Fear, or Worry

Your elderly loved one may be filled with anxiety, fear, or worry. They may be concerned that their loved ones are going to get sick from the coronavirus. They may also be worried that they are going to catch the virus, as well. The constant worry could be making your elderly loved one uncomfortable non-stop. If your elderly loved one is experiencing anxiety, fear, or worry as a result of the coronavirus, talk to them. Ask them how you can help to ease their worries.

Uncertainty or Frustration

Your elderly loved one may also be experiencing feelings of uncertainty or frustration due to the coronavirus. They may be wondering when the pandemic will be over. Maybe they are worried about how they are going to get their groceries or frustrated because they can’t see their loved ones. This uncertainty and frustration can be overwhelming at times. If caregivers are helping to care for your loved one during this time, have them spend extra quality time with your loved one. This may help them feel less alone.

Anger at Others

Does your elderly loved one seem to be getting angry at others who aren’t following the stay at home order? Maybe your elderly loved one is angry because they feel the stay at home order is going to last longer because people won’t stay home. This will leave them with not seeing their loved ones for even longer. Let your elderly loved one know that you understand. Tell them they can call or video chat with you at any time.

Feeling Depressed

Your elderly loved one may also be feeling depressed about the entire pandemic. This may be especially true if they know someone who got sick from the coronavirus. If your elderly loved one is feeling depressed, call them more often. Let them know you are taking precautions to assure you don’t catch the virus. If they know their loved ones are staying safe, this could help them to feel less depressed.

These are some of the reactions your elderly loved one might have in response to the coronavirus. If you notice these reactions, do your best to be there for your loved one. Talk to them and let them know you understand what they are going through.

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