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Senior Home Care in Granite Falls

The holidays are coming up fast. For seniors who are aging in place, that means getting their homes ready for the holidays. But decorating for the holidays can be very difficult for seniors. Especially when the weather is cold and there’s a lot of snow. Seniors may want to make their homes look festive, but might need some help with holiday decorations. They can use these tips to get their homes merry and bright for the holidays:

Senior Home Care

Senior home care is a great option for seniors who need help at home. One of the many ways senior home care can help is by helping decorate for the holidays. A senior home care provider can help seniors get out all their holiday decorations from the attic, basement, or garage. They can help seniors put up a holiday tree, and hang ornaments. Then put out all the festive items seniors have collected over the years. With some senior home care help, seniors can turn the inside of their homes into a holiday wonderland.

Outdoor Light Hanging Service

Seniors can hire a professional team to hang their outdoor lights and put up outdoor decorations. Perhaps your senior loved one prides themselves on their holiday decorations, but can’t really decorate anymore. Now, there are professionals who can use those lights to create a holiday scene that the whole neighborhood will be talking about.

Using Smart Decorations

A great way to make holiday decorating more accessible for seniors is to use smart decorations. Often they run on apps, LED batteries, and other convenient tools. With smart decorations and tools like projectors, seniors can create a seriously impressive holiday display. But doesn’t require any physical exertion to set up and can be controlled easily on a phone or tablet. 

Create A Wall Tree

Seniors may want a festive tree but are worried about the tripping risk of having a large tree in the middle of the floor. Instead, they can create a festive wall tree instead. With help from a senior home care provider or family caregiver, they can draw a tree shape on the wall. Then hang dowel rods on hooks that create a tree shape. Finally, they can hang ornaments on the dowel rods. The ornaments will shine and shimmer in the light and look like a festive tree, but because they are on the wall and there is no tree on the floor, there won’t be any tripping risk.

Use Adaptive Holiday Tools

Things like wrapping presents or hanging lights can be difficult for seniors with arthritis or poor grip strength. There are lots of adaptive tools that will help seniors who have problems with their fine motor skills hang holiday decorations, wrap presents, tie bows, and even hang stockings. Every senior deserves a magical holiday season, and with senior home care and some specialty tools and adaptive devices, they can have a great holiday. 

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