Our COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan is in Effect
Elder Care in Hutchinson

Now that the cold weather is here and will be around for several more months, is your senior parent ready for an emergency? Severe storms with high winds or large snowfalls can cause power outages for seniors. All seniors aging in place should be prepared for cold weather emergencies. Seniors who live in areas where cold temperatures and snow can lead to emergencies should always:

Have Elder Care

In an emergency, seniors can be protected with elder care. An elder care provider can ensure seniors get their medication when they need it, stay warm, and get regular meals. A caregiver is also a great source of comfort for seniors, who are probably upset and scared if they’re in an emergency situation. A trusted caregiver will give your senior loved one peace of mind, and they can summon emergency help if needed. Keep you updated on what is going on, and ensure your senior loved one is safe until the emergency passes. 

Know Where Warming Shelters Are

Every community will have warming shelters for vulnerable people in case of a power outage when there is no heat. A list of those shelters and their contact information should be clearly posted in your senior loved one’s emergency cabinet or closet, and there should be a printed copy in their disaster kit. If the power is going to be out for several days, your senior loved one’s best option may be to go to a warming shelter. If so, an elder care provider can ensure they get safely to the shelter. 

Have A Stocked Emergency Kit

A stocked emergency kit should be on each floor in the home. For a winter emergency, that kit should include extra warm clothing, dry boots, blankets, hand and foot warmers, and emergency food and water, along with flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit. You or an elder care provider can help ensure your senior loved one is ready for any emergency and has all the emergency supplies they might need ready to go. Just make sure they are stored in an easily accessible area where your loved one can always reach them. 

Have A Generator

It’s best for seniors to have a generator if possible. A generator may require someone else to get it up and running for your senior loved one, but it will allow your senior loved one to stay comfortable and warm until the power comes back on. An elder care provider or neighbor can help ensure the generator has fuel, and they can get it started and keep it fueled if your senior loved one is unable to do that. Seniors who rely on medical equipment or medication that needs to be kept at a stable temperature should have a generator, so that they’re not in any danger if the power goes out. 

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