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Home Care in Rochester MN: Senior Mobility and Care Assistance

Trouble with mobility affects every area of your elderly family member’s life. Senior care providers can help her to turn those challenges into opportunities to have a much better experience. Even just a little help with certain issues can make a big difference for your senior’s quality of life.

Taking Care of Personal Care Tasks

Personal care tasks, like getting dressed, are much more difficult when mobility is hindered. Your senior can benefit greatly from having someone right there with her who can lend her a hand as it’s necessary. At first she might feel odd having someone helping her to do things like getting dressed, but your senior burns a lot of energy struggling with those tasks on her own. Having help allows her to save that energy for other tasks.

Getting from One Part of the House to Another

If your elderly family member’s mobility is affected greatly, she may find it difficult to get around easily within her own home. Learning to use new assistive devices can also be troublesome. Having someone right there who has experience with those types of issues can be incredibly helpful and may keep your senior from becoming bedridden far sooner than she should be.

Moving at All

There may have been times when your senior already was bedridden temporarily, and it may have been better for her to have help moving then. If she’s trying to exercise, that’s also something that is easier if she has hands-on help right there with her. Mobility issues are bad enough, but if they’re keeping your senior from moving at all, that’s a big problem that may be addressable with assistance. Knowing that she’s got someone there who can help to stabilize her may inspire your senior to become more active.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Managing safety issues is one other task that senior care providers can do to help your elderly family member. They know what typically creates a safety problem for older adults and they can quickly make small changes that result in a big difference for your senior. They can also help you to assess whether there are bigger concerns that you’ll need to address in a different way.

Your elderly family member may be facing serious mobility challenges, but that doesn’t mean she has to resign herself to never doing anything. Senior care providers can make so many areas of her life easier to manage again.

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