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Physical Therapy

Many people think that physical therapy involves just working with a personal trainer of some sort. While physical therapists do help to put exercise plans together, there’s a lot more going on than just working out. Seniors get personalized assistance that helps them to become physically healthier and stronger while working toward some specific goals.

Why Do Some People Need Physical Therapy?

People might need to work with a physical therapist for many different reasons. Sometimes injuries or surgery could require someone to have help recovering afterward. That’s especially true if the recovery is a long one or the person had to remain immobile for a long time. Health conditions can also lead to needing help from a physical therapist with recovery. Sudden conditions, like a stroke or heart attack, can mean that someone needs physical therapy to recover. Chronic health conditions, like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or osteoporosis could also cause someone to need help from a physical therapist.

How Does Physical Therapy Help with Age-related Changes?

As people age, they may find that old injuries are now causing trouble again. There may also be issues related to chronic health issues or new conditions that affect mobility and overall health. Working with a physical therapist helps aging adults to learn new ways to cope with these changes through exercises, treatment plans, and following tips that help them to be safer in general. Patients are able to learn how to prevent injury, which is imperative.

Seniors Get Serious Benefits from Working with Physical Therapists 

While anyone who works with a physical therapist can benefit greatly, seniors are able to make some progress that they may have thought was not possible. Improving strength and flexibility does a few things for aging adults. It helps them to move better, avoid falls, and reduce muscle loss. Seniors are also able to maintain independence because they’re working toward regaining ground they may have lost. Another big plus is that physical therapy can help to reduce both inflammation and pain.

Types of Exercises Seniors Might Try

A physical therapist is able to avoid cookie cutter care plans for patients. Because they work with patients one on one, they develop highly individual plans that meet the needs of the person they’re treating. Some patients might benefit from lifting weights, while others might do better with aquatic therapies. Physical therapists may also use other types of therapy, like occupational therapy, massage, and hot and cold treatments.

Finding a Physical Therapist

It’s important for seniors to feel supported by their physical therapist. Seniors should feel comfortable asking questions and sharing what their goals are for their treatment plan. Physical therapists are there to offer support and experience in order to make it easier for their patients to get where they want to be with their physical health.

Physical therapy is something that seniors might not realize that they need. But this type of program can help with everything from recovering from injuries to managing chronic pain from long-term health conditions. The specific exercises and treatments will vary depending on the senior’s needs, but that plan can be tailored to fit those needs perfectly. And if the plan needs to change, that’s easy to do because physical therapists assess progress and monitor for adjustments.

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