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When your dad needs help with activities of daily living, most families turn to one of two options. Do you move from your current home into his home or do you move him into your home? Either way, it can be a difficult decision to make. These are the pros and cons to consider when deciding if moving him into your home is the right decision.


Home Health Care in Rochester MN: Moving Your Dad
Home Health Care in Rochester MN: Moving Your Dad


How Will It Impact Your Family?

Think about how adding another person to the household will affect your spouse/partner and children. If your dad can’t be home alone because he has Alzheimer’s, that can put a lot of stress on everyone. His agitation and outbursts may frighten your children.

Privacy is another consideration. If you only have one bathroom, how will mornings work if everyone is trying to get ready for work and school at the same time? If your dad insists on having the bathroom for an hour and gets frustrated that he is being rushed, tensions will increase.

You also need to consider where he’ll sleep. Are you pushing your children into sharing a room when they’re used to having personal space of their own?


Will It Impact Your Work?

Your dad now lives with you. How is that going to impact your daily work schedule? If you work from home, will his constant interruptions affect your productivity? If you work outside of the home, will he be calling you throughout the day to ask questions?


What Does He Need to Bring?

If your dad has pets, he’ll be moving them into your home, too. Are you okay with having extra pets in your home? If you live in an association, can you even have his pets? Consider his favorite furnishings as he’ll want to bring items that make him comfortable into your already furnished home. Someone has to decide what comes and what goes.


Have You Considered Senior Care Services?

Your dad may not even like the idea of moving into a new home and neighborhood. Have you looked at senior care services? With family members and professional caregivers working to help your dad remain independent in his own home, he may not need to move.

Moving a parent into your home takes careful discussion and planning. Don’t rush the decision. Other options can keep him in his own home without risking his safety or well-being. Senior care services do that by setting your dad up with a caregiver on a regular basis. Learn more about prices and services by calling a senior care agency.


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