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Technology has done a lot to change the world for the better and it can help your senior as well. Explore the different options out there to determine which options might help her the most with her situation.


Home Care Services in Hutchinson MN: Technology For Seniors
Home Care Services in Hutchinson MN: Technology For Seniors


Video Doorbell Kits

Video doorbell kits put a camera and a microphone right there on your senior’s doorstep. When someone comes to the door, an app alerts her that there’s someone there. From wherever she is, your senior can use the app to talk to that person and to see what is going on. Some systems can even tie in with the door locks, allowing her to remotely let someone in if that’s what she wants to do.


App-controlled Thermostats

Likewise, controlling the thermostat can be a lot easier for your senior through an app on her smartphone. Programmable thermostats have made a big difference for a lot of people, but controlling electronic, programmable thermostats from afar can give your senior the freedom to adjust the temperature in her home without having to go to the thermostat.


Smart Lighting Systems

Lighting is another area that can benefit from technology. Smart light bulbs connect to an app on your senior’s smartphone and then she is able to turn lights around the house on or off depending on her needs. This can also be a great way to automatically set lights to turn on at a certain time of day, which can be helpful for you if she’s experiencing sundowning or other issues that are affected by changing light at the end of the day.


Home Monitoring Systems

Home alarm systems combined with a monitoring system give you and your elderly family member a much higher sense of security than either alone. Many systems designed for aging adults include fall monitoring along with the standard fire and break-in services. Some even have cameras that you and other family members can view remotely. There may be privacy considerations involved in that decision, though, so it’s important to talk that out with everyone involved.


Video Calling

Video conferencing is a wonderful way to talk with your aging family member and be able to see her as well. This can help you to spot potential problems much more quickly than if you and you’re senior communicated via phone calls only. This is also a fun way for your elderly family member to stay in touch with all sorts of family members, no matter where they are.

Technology alone isn’t the only solution, of course, but it can be a good start. Having senior care providers on-site with your elderly family member can also make a big difference for her. Combining all of the tools at your disposal makes for a much more thorough approach to caring for your senior and all of her needs.


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