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Older adults with dementia need things to do that they enjoy and that keeps them busy. Just like anyone else, they can get bored. In addition, having nothing to do and feeling like life has no purpose can leave them feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Unfortunately, feeling bored, unfulfilled, and frustrated can lead to some of the more challenging behaviors of dementia, such as wandering, agitation, and aggression.


Home Care Services in Fairmont MN: Dementia Boredom Activities
Home Care Services in Fairmont MN: Dementia Boredom Activities


Finding activities for seniors with dementia to do can be difficult, though. Impaired cognition impacts their ability to follow complicated steps. However, there are ways that activities can be modified or that simpler activities can provide the stimulation and fulfillment that dementia patients need.


Below are 5 ideas for activities your aging relative with dementia may enjoy.

#1: Folding Towels

Folding towels sounds like a menial task and not something that would be particularly fun. However, it’s a simple task that allows your older family member to feel like they are contributing to the household. Because folding towels is easy, it sets the senior up for success, so they can feel good about what they have accomplished.


#2: Painting

Even if the older adult did not paint in the past, they may enjoy painting as a way of expressing themselves. Plus, painting is a safe activity since you can choose paints that will not harm the senior if they should ingest them and that can be cleaned up easily.


#3: Organize Household Items

Older adults who have always been responsible for taking care of their household often enjoy organizing items. It gives them a feeling of keeping things tidy and reminds them of the tasks they did in the past. An example of this activity would be to put several office items on the table (paperclips, rubber bands, etc.) and ask the senior to separate them into containers or piles.


#4: Bake or Cook Together

As dementia progresses, even older adults who once excelled in the kitchen will be unable to cook on their own. However, that doesn’t mean they have to give up baking or cooking altogether. It just means that someone will need to assist them to follow the recipe and do steps that are difficult. Let the older adult participate by stirring ingredients together or pressing the cookie cutter into the dough.


#5: Make a Box of Fabric

Seniors who enjoy sewing and crafting may enjoy sifting through a box of scraps of colorful fabrics. Include fabrics of different textures, like wool, cotton, lace, and silk. Older adults can feel the textures and look at the colors. They might like sorting them into patterns or piles of similar colors.


A home care provider can involve your aging relative with dementia to engage in a variety of activities to keep them feeling happy and fulfilled. A home care provider can set up painting supplies and keep an eye on the older adult while they pain. They can also encourage conversation while painting to give the older adult a chance to express themselves verbally and talk about what they are doing. Home care providers can also bake or cook with the senior, breaking steps in a recipe down into even simpler steps.


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