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Home Care Services in St. Cloud MN: Breast Cancer

Home Care Services: Does your elderly loved one have a family history of breast ca

If so, they have a higher risk of getting this type of cancer. While it doesn’t guarantee they will have breast cancer, it is important for them to watch for breast cancer warning signs. As a family caregiver, you can help your elderly loved one to keep an eye out for certain signs. If these are noticed, you or a home care services provider should take them to see a doctor.


Does your elderly loved one have a lump on their collarbone, underarm, or breast? It could be in their armpit or even near the armpit. If they do have any lumps, whether they are new or have been there for a while, you should have them see their doctor about this. They may need to have a breast ultrasound to see what type of lump it is. Based on the results, the doctor can determine whether any treatments need to be provided.

Breast Thickening or Swelling

Another warning sign of this type of cancer is breast thickening or swelling. You or a home care assistance provider may need to help your elderly loved one look under their arm, in the armpit area, on the collarbone, on the breasts, or around the breasts. If you do notice thickening or swelling, you or a senior care provider should schedule your elderly loved one an appointment with their doctor soon. It is best to have it looked at early on. If there are any changes, be sure to mention that to the doctor, as well.

Changes to the Nipples

Some people who have breast cancer will have changes to their nipples. For example, your elderly loved one may have one nipple that is aiming inward. One of their nipples may be red or scaly, too. If this is happening, don’t push it off as nothing. Make sure you or one of the home care assistance providers take your elderly loved one to see their doctor. There could be a couple of things that cause this issue. However, it is vital to have it checked out in case it is breast cancer.


These are some of the breast cancer warning signs that you should be on the lookout for in your elderly loved one. If they tell you there are changes in their breast, schedule an appointment with their doctor. If you can’t take them to that appointment, you can have an elderly care provider do so.

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