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There are many ways that your elderly loved one can improve their health. One way they can do that is through mindfulness exercises. Studies have shown that mindfulness exercises can help to relieve stress, lower anxiety levels, reduce blood pressure levels, and much more. If you want your elderly loved one to feel better, there is a great chance that these exercises can help them out.


Elder Care in Marshall MN: Mindfulness Exercises
Elder Care in Marshall MN: Mindfulness Exercises


Taking Deep Breaths

Deep breaths are one of the best things your elderly loved one can do. Even if they just spend a couple of minutes breathing deeply, this can help to fill their lungs up with air. It can take their attention away from any pain they might be experiencing and allow them to be in the present moment. If your elderly loved one needs to relax or relieve anxiety, deep breathing is one of the best ways they can do that. You can have your loved one’s senior care provider help them with taking deep breaths, as well.


Practicing Gratitude

One of the best ways for your elderly loved one to practice gratitude is by sitting outdoors and letting the sun hit their faces. They should focus on their breathing and experience the joys of nature. They can watch squirrels running or think of all their loved ones at this time. It might be helpful for them to keep a gratitude journal, as well. Practicing gratitude is a great way for them to reduce loneliness and set their intentions for that day.


Connecting to Others

Mindfulness can also be done by connecting to others. Your elderly loved one can call their family and friends. They can laugh with them and spend time with them, too. By doing this, they are getting in touch with the loved ones in their life. They are listening and talking to others. This is a great way to be mindful of relationships in one’s life.


Taking a Break

Taking a break is another great way to be mindful. It is a way to be mindful of stress levels and keeping those low. It is a great way to keep the body and the mind healthy, as well. If your elderly loved one doesn’t take breaks, they are likely to feel stressed, anxious, and burnt out. This won’t be good for their overall health.


These are some of the best mindfulness exercises that your elderly loved one can take part in. Whether they have high blood pressure, a lot of stress going on in their life, or they are feeling down, mindfulness exercises can do a great deal for their health and mindset. Talk to your elderly loved one about their life. Ask them what is going on and see what you can do to help them practice these mindfulness exercises.


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