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Senior Home Care: Traditional Easter Dishes in Blaine, MN

When your senior loved one lives alone they may not celebrate with anyone or it may just be them and senior home care on Easter. Not all adult children are able to visit on holidays for various reasons, but this doesn’t mean your elderly mom or dad has to give up celebrating the days they love. Here are some Easter dinner ideas you can recommend to your elderly mom or dad that are good for a small family of one or two and will make great leftovers for your loved one. If your elderly mom or dad needs help cooking, all of these are very easy for senior home care as well. Here are some easy Easter recipes to recommend:

Asparagus and Tarragon Tart

If your senior loves tarts, flatbreads, or pita bread, this is an amazing recipe to choose. It utilizes tarragon which is an herb that is bittersweet and almost like licorice in flavor. It is a perfect herb that pairs well with other dark greens and tangy goat cheese. This tart only takes a few minutes in the oven and is relatively healthy. It will be easy for senior home care to help with and it will make amazing leftovers for seniors to snack on throughout the week. It’s time to utilize spring herbs and vegetables. Here is a delicious recipe you can try out for Easter. Asparagus is so healthy to eat and this recipe will have your senior loved one craving it on the daily!

Lamb Meatballs

Lamb is something that is a traditional Easter dish but as your loved one gets older, meat can be harder to eat. They may not have the time to make lamb chops and senior home care may not know how to prepare something like that anyways. If your loved one still wants to be traditional they can pick up ground lamb at the store and use it to make meatballs. This recipe is delicious and will be a lot easier to eat. Meatballs are softer, easier to chew, but still filled with flavor that screams Easter. A pack of ground meat can make up to 20 meatballs or 12 big meatballs and that is more than enough for one senior. This is also a good recipe if they decide to invite any of their friends over as well.

Honey Glazed Ham

Ham is a classic dish on Easter, but instead of buying a huge ham the store may have smaller portions. Finding ham that is small is better for a senior because it is a better portion size and it will also cook faster. Instead of spending all day preparing a ham they can spend about an hour on this recipe. This is a sweet dish that is perfect for Easter and will make incredible leftovers throughout the week. A senior may even be able to make the leftover ham into a soup or a sandwich to enjoy later on.

Small Shepherds Pie

This is another classic dish, but instead of making a massive portion for an entire family, a senior can narrow it down and make one or two portions. They can cut the ingredients and time in half. It is a dish filled with easy to eat ground beef, herbs, vegetables, and potatoes. It is the ultimate springtime dish and it is perfect for an Easter dish. 

Recipe Source: Asparagus & Tarragon Tart | Lamb Meatballs | Honey Glazed Ham | Small Shepherds Pie

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