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Elder Care in St. Cloud MN: Geriatrition

A geriatrician is a family doctor with additional training in caring for adults over 65. They specialize in caring for seniors with multiple chronic conditions, especially when their health interferes with their daily life. Adults who see geriatricians are less likely to become hospitalized, as geriatricians tend to be more attuned to subtle signs of danger brewing. An elder care services provider can help take your seniors to their appointments.

Some geriatricians work out of geriatrics centers, where patients may see their geriatrician along with other related health care providers. Social workers, hearing specialists, nutritionists, and physical or occupational therapists may work out of the same center, making care coordination easy and convenient. Many seniors still keep their current primary care physician for routine care.

Three Signs a Senior may Benefit from a Geriatrician

Any senior who is in the hospital should be seen by a geriatrician, if at all possible. Research has shown that those who do fare much better after discharge, recovering better and more completely than those who weren’t. Additionally, seniors with memory or mobility trouble can benefit from a geriatrician, as can those who take multiple medications.

Memory Trouble

Seniors who are having trouble with their memory would be wise to visit a geriatrician. There are many potential causes of memory issues, many of which can be reversed with proper treatment. Even if the cause isn’t reversible, having early screening and diagnosis can make a big difference in the course of what’s to come. Having the opportunity to plan ahead and avoid common complications can make quite a difference in the senior’s current and future quality of life.

Mobility Trouble

Seniors who are having difficulty with mobility or feeling unsteady may benefit from a geriatrician. Difficulty walking can be a big problem that can easily affect the senior’s overall health. Seniors with trouble walking are at a very high risk for falling, which is the leading cause of injury and death in adults over 65. Geriatricians can help address these problems before they become worse.

Multiple Medications

Seniors taking more than a few medications can benefit from the oversight and expertise of a geriatrician. Each medication comes with side effects, and drugs often affect the way other drugs work. It’s harder for older bodies to process medications, so seniors often need smaller doses than they used to, or risk becoming over-medicated. Over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements should be reported as well, as they can also have unexpected effects or interactions.

Elder Care can Support Vulnerable Seniors

The same seniors who benefit from a geriatrician’s services may also benefit greatly from elder care services. Elder care aides can provide transportation services to the geriatrician or other appointments. They also offer a wide variety of services to support seniors to be independent as possible in their own home.

Elder care aides can help with mobility needs, personal care, housework, shopping, and meal preparation. They also can provide caring companionship and support to participate in activities they enjoy but find challenging.

Elder care aides can help with pet care, enabling seniors to retain their precious animal companions.

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