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Senior Care in St. Cloud MN: Heart Disease

Are you worried about your elderly loved one’s heart disease risk?

If so, the most important thing is to get them to focus on increasing their healthy lifestyle habits. By doing that in general, it is going to reduce their risk of heart disease. Everything from meditating to exercising to eating right can help your elderly loved one to keep their heart as healthy as possible. How can your senior care provider help with this?

Breathwork and Meditation

If your elderly loved one is stressed or anxious a lot of the time, it is going to cause wear on their heart. Many people don’t see a connection between these 2 things. However, when someone isn’t allowing themselves to breathe deeply and they hold their breath often, it reduces oxygen to the heart. You and companion care at home providers can encourage your elderly loved one to practice breathwork and meditation regularly. They can even watch guided videos to help them do this.

Exercise Daily

Your elderly loved one may need to start a daily exercise routine. Studies show that senior citizens who exercise every day have a much lower risk of heart disease. Not only that, but the regular exercises can keep your elderly loved one more mobile which can help them to stay active and enjoy life more. Between all these benefits, your elderly loved one won’t have to worry about being as worn out all the time.

Eating Better

How is your elderly loved one eating right now? Do you notice they aren’t eating a lot of fruits or vegetables? When you take them out to eat, have they gotten dessert almost every time? What types of fats do they eat? Are they healthy or unhealthy? These are things that you may need to think about in regard to your elderly loved one’s eating habits. If they aren’t doing very well in this area of their life, you and home care providers should help them get on a diet (not necessarily to lose weight but to improve heart and overall health).

If your elderly loved one needs more assistance with eating better, you or a home care provider may even want to take them to see a nutritionist. The nutritionist can help your elderly loved one to learn which foods are best for their heart, too.


Are you wondering whether your elderly loved one will develop heart disease? If this is a concern that you have, it would be important for you and companion care at home providers to remind your elderly loved one to make healthier lifestyle choices. Everything from eating better to exercising daily to doing breathwork and meditation can improve heart health.

Do you think your elderly loved one needs help to incorporate these things into their lifestyle? If so, don’t hesitate to hire senior care providers. These providers can be around as much as they are needed to help your elderly loved one develop and stick to these new lifestyle habits.

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