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Skilled nursing care can help monitor aging seniors' blood pressure.

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month, making it a good time to learn as much as possible about high blood pressure and its effects on seniors. Seniors with high blood pressure may need more help than they realize to get their blood pressure under better control. High blood pressure for an extended period of time has significant health risks that seniors can avoid. For some aging adults, skilled nursing care at home is the answer.

Monitoring Blood Pressure

Blood pressure checks are crucial for seniors with high blood pressure. Luckily, this vital sign is easy to test, especially with help from skilled nursing care. Nurses can monitor blood pressure regularly, ensure that the results are logged, and communicate that information to healthcare providers.

Risks from Uncontrolled Hypertension

Uncontrolled hypertension can cause serious potential problems for seniors, and the risk increases if they have other health conditions. Elevated blood pressure can damage blood vessels anywhere in the body. It can also harden the arteries, make the heart work harder, and damage other organs like the kidneys, brain, and eyes. 

How Skilled Nursing Helps

Skilled nurses do more than just monitor blood pressure levels. They’re also instrumental in helping patients take their medication properly and on time. Nurses help to track blood pressure changes over time, assessing whether lifestyle modifications and medications are helping. If seniors are experiencing complications related to blood pressure issues, nurses can communicate that information to healthcare providers.

Managing Medications

Many seniors with high blood pressure find that medication is a big part of their treatment plan. These medications must be taken as directed to be as effective as possible. Skilled nursing care helps to monitor medication adherence and can also help to watch for side effects from medications that need to be addressed by medical providers.

Lifestyle Modifications

Medication in conjunction with lifestyle modifications can be the right combination for many seniors with high blood pressure. Skilled nurses can help seniors understand the changes they need to make. They can also help patients to make healthy lifestyle choices, like choosing foods that are lower in sodium and unhealthy fats. They can also help seniors to manage stress, gradually increase physical activity, and adopt healthier sleep habits.

Monitoring and Following Up

Even when seniors are experiencing good results with their high blood pressure treatment plan, they often need close monitoring and follow-ups with their medical providers. Skilled nursing care can help seniors to adjust their care plans as needed and make sure that seniors are getting the follow-up care that they need.

Prioritizing lower blood pressure can be the best decision for seniors who are already at risk of serious health issues. Skilled nursing care can make a difference for seniors who are trying everything they can to lower their blood pressure to healthier levels. Close monitoring and help with the practical aspects of managing high blood pressure can go a long way toward helping seniors be successful with their treatment plans.

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