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Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is something that people tend to think only occurs in certain circumstances, like war-torn countries. The reality is that PTSD can result from a wide range of different types of traumatic life events and almost anyone can find themselves battling PTSD at any given point. Seniors who are struggling with PTSD can find that home care assistance and other solutions make this battle a lot easier.

Signs of PTSD in Seniors

It’s important for seniors and family caregivers to recognize the signs of PTSD. Some of those signs can include increased anxiety, irritability, insomnia, withdrawal, and mood swings. Big changes in behaviors that occur suddenly could be related to PTSD. Regardless of the cause, these symptoms are a sign that needs to be investigated further.

Causes of PTSD in Seniors

Big causes of PTSD like war or natural disasters are usually not difficult to understand. But other experiences can be traumatic, too. Accidents, loss of a loved one, chronic health issues, and other types of trauma can all lead to PTSD. It’s not about the size of the trauma as much as it is that someone has experienced trauma, period. Sometimes the PTSD is related to situations that occurred many years before and that seniors weren’t able to process then.

Learn More about PTSD in Aging Adults

Because so many health issues can manifest differently in aging adults, it’s important that family caregivers pay attention to changes they see in their senior family members. Cognitive changes, behavioral changes, and health changes could be related to PTSD for seniors. It’s important to talk to doctors about what is happening to get a full picture.

Help Seniors Find Solutions

There are as many solutions for PTSD as there are people who suffer from it. Seniors may find that talking things through with a therapist helps a great deal. Other seniors may find that having caregivers around more often helps them to feel more secure. Elder care providers can be a crucial factor in creating a safe and comforting environment for seniors who are facing PTSD.

Consider Home Care Assistance

Home care providers understand the challenges that make life more difficult for seniors. Home care assistance can help to establish routines that offer the stability that seniors need to feel comfortable each day. They can also help seniors to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly if approved, and have the companionship that they need. All of these and more can do a lot to reduce the triggers that make PTSD worse for seniors.

Keeping seniors safe and healthy is so much easier with home care assistance on hand. Caregivers can help family members to recognize the signs of PTSD in seniors and get the help that seniors need in order to improve how they’re feeling. There isn’t any reason for seniors to feel embarrassed or ashamed of PTSD or any other mental health issues they’re experiencing. What they need most is support in order to overcome those challenges.

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