Our COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan is in Effect
Nurse talking with a patient

When your loved one has an emergency, they may call someone to help, but what if things go wrong? Does your family have an emergency backup plan for when that happens? Here are a few things to consider when planning for emergencies and then having a second plan in case the first one doesn’t happen.

What Is an Emergency Backup Plan?

An emergency backup plan for seniors is a comprehensive strategy that outlines how they can receive assistance and support during unexpected situations or crises, such as natural disasters or health emergencies. It often involves designating a trusted individual as an emergency contact, having essential medical and contact information readily available, and having a plan for evacuation or sheltering in case of emergencies. Your senior should have the family involved in any plans, and they should also let their home care assistance providers know. Anyone who cares for the senior regularly or is around their home should know what the plan is and what the backup plan is as well.

Plans For Memory Loss

When a senior has memory loss, they must have the right home care assistance in place to help care for them. They may not remember their plan, so everything needs to be written down in a binder, and there should always be a backup plan in case of emergencies. If they struggle with dementia, get them a bracelet that identifies what they are struggling with and a contact phone number for them as well. Think about whether or not you can care for them and if you need more help. You may think that you can care for your loved one but come to realize you need a backup plan. Someone like home care assistance can help monitor your loved one and ensure their safety while aging in place.

Plans For Chronic Conditions

The truth is many seniors will be suffering from some type of condition. Some are easily managed, and some become harder to manage over time. You need to thoroughly evaluate your mom and dad to understand what type of plan they need. Maybe the original plan is to have them manage their prescriptions and medications and use home care assistance for everyday tasks like getting around or even doing a basic load of laundry. On the other hand, if their condition has worsened, it could be time for a different professional to step in, one who can administer medications like a nurse or even a doctor’s help. It’s important to have plans in place for these situations. Then, when something arises, you will not be shocked or surprised, but you will have solutions ready to help your loved one thrive.

Think About Aging in Place

Many more seniors choose to age in place if they can make it work. And many can make it work. They can live full lives, and that is going to be their first choice when it comes to aging and dying. This is a good plan, but as they continue to age, they may find they need more help. Offer to help your mom or dad, but also find a professional home care assistant who can come a few times a week to maintain their home and provide the help they need.

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