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Home Care in Blaine MN: Get Organized Month

It is important to make your elderly loved one’s home a safe haven.

You can do this by removing obstacles that are in their way. For instance, you can start by removing rugs from the living areas, making sure furniture isn’t in their walkways, and adding grab bars to their shower stalls. You also need to remember to help your elderly loved one with any mental strain that might be cluttering up their mind. Keep reading to learn all about how you can help your elderly loved one get organized this month and all year long.

Assessing First

As a family caregiver, you and elderly care providers can start by considering your elderly loved one’s situation. You can do this by going through their home and writing down any potential problems. Some of the things you should look for include the following:

  • Is their attic full of stuff?
  • Are their cabinets filled with outdated canned goods?
  • Does their garage look like it could use a dumpster?

Determining potential problems is always the first step to getting organized. This is also one of the best ways to create a safe home for your elderly loved one.

Using the Box Method

Some experts suggest that a person use a box or large space in their home to help with the decluttering process. This entails getting four boxes or cleaning an area of your elderly loved one’s home to use as the decluttering space. After getting the boxes, take a minute to mark them for usage. The boxes should be marked with the following categories.

Keep forever – Your elderly loved one should put sentimental items in this box. For example, heirlooms, pictures albums, personal letters, cards, and wedding china would go into this box.

For sale – They can put unwanted items in this box. Later, they can put these items up for sale.

Keep for now – Your elderly loved one will put items that they want to keep for now in this box or area. For example, furniture, art, and other non-sentimental items may go into this box or area.

Donations – This box should contain things that your elderly loved one would like to donate to different organizations.

Now, you and your elderly loved one will need to go room to room. You can start sorting through all of their possessions.

Don’t Need to Rush

It is important not to rush this process. It takes time to organize a house. Try to be patient with your elderly loved one. You can schedule a time to work on this project a few times a week. Your loved one’s elderly care providers might be able to help them go through things, as well. Soon, your loved one’s home will be de-cluttered, organized, and the perfect safe haven for them.


Get organized month is the best time to start getting your elderly loved one’s house free of clutter. With the methods and tips mentioned above, you can start helping your elderly loved one to get organized today.

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