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Your dad’s health is changing, and you want to take measures to ensure his safety when he lives alone. August brings the annual Medic Alert Awareness Month, a time for families to discuss the benefits of arranging Medic Alert bracelets or systems and professional caregivers for their aging parents.

A Team Effort

Sit down with your family and talk about your dad’s safety as he ages. He’s been diagnosed with diabetes, and he’s not the best at following every instruction his doctor gave him. It’s time to discuss Medic Alert’s importance and have someone help him at home.

How Medic Alert Works

Simple Options

There are a few different Medic Alert options. One is a simple bracelet with your dad’s pertinent medical information. This medic alert might be a simple pendant or bracelet that alerts paramedics and anyone who finds your dad, whether he’s alert or not, to his medical condition. If he’s disoriented and alone wandering, someone would know he has diabetes and realize his blood sugar levels may be too high or too low.

Electronic Medic Alert Systems

Electronic medic alert systems also have a pendant or bracelet your dad wears with him. If he feels unwell or has fallen and needs help, he pushes the button on the device and can talk directly to a Medic Alert professional. That person alerts you or the appropriate first responder to get your dad the help he needs.


Does your dad wear an Apple Watch or other smartwatch that tracks his pulse, number of steps, etc.? If so, there are Medic Alert options for that, too. It alerts people to the medical information your dad needs them to know in an emergency. Smart ID cards are similar and have a QR code people can scan if they find your dad, who needs help.

There’s Another Option

Medic Alert is a great system, but another option offers more peace of mind. Hire caregivers to spend time with your dad. When he has a caregiver with him while shopping, running errands, or going for walks outside, he’s never alone.

Help While Out

His caregiver can drive him to his appointments, stores, and other area businesses. He has a caregiver with him as he shops. If he needs help finding salad dressings without added sugar, his caregiver can read food labels and help him make the right choice.

Help at Home

At home, he has a caregiver to join him on walks around the forest trails, his neighborhood, or green space. His caregiver can help him complete his housekeeping chores, prepare heart-healthy meals without added sugar, and help him organize the mail. Your dad’s caregiver can also help him take care of his pets.

Keeping Your Dad Safe

A Medic Alert bracelet helps keep your dad safe in an emergency. Anyone who goes to help him can check his bracelet and knows he has diabetes. That’s one way to keep him safe, but looking into professional caregivers is also essential.

Have you discussed the benefits of in-home care with your dad? Instead of leaving him alone every day throughout the week, an in-home care aide can stop by and help him with meals, housekeeping chores, and companionship. Call an in-home care advisor to make arrangements for the services he needs.

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