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Senior Care in Fairmont MN: Fall Safety

Fall Safety: One of the main topics of discussion for the elderly is fall safety.

Many family caregivers worry every day about their elderly loved ones falling. If this is something that has been on your mind, there are some things that you can do to lower your elderly loved one’s risk of falling. There are things you can do to remove some of the hazards in their home, as well. Keep reading here to find out what the must-have fall safety tips are for the elderly. 

Cleaning Hallways and Pathways

One of the most important fall-safety tips for the elderly is to clean hallways and pathways in their house. These are areas of their home that often get cluttered. When there is clutter on the floor, your elderly loved one is much more likely to fall. It might take some time to go through these things, but you should at least have your elderly loved one pick things up and put them into a box. Then, you and your elderly loved one can go through the stuff to see what they can get rid of. If needed, the senior care providers might be able to help with this, as well. 

Taking Care of Tripping Hazards

Many elderly people have tripping hazards in their home. Sometimes, they don’t realize it. Some of the most common things that elderly people trip over are shoes, throw rugs, loose carpet edges, and power cords. If your elderly loved one has these things in their home, be sure they are taken care of. For instance, you can get tape or a stapler to secure the loose carpet or throw rugs. You can tape or secure power cords to the wall or under a carpet, so they aren’t sticking out. 

Proper Lighting

Another reason why many elderly people fall is because they don’t have the right type of lighting or enough lighting. It is very important to make sure the lighting in every room of your elderly loved one’s house works well. It shouldn’t be too bright or too dark. The better your elderly loved one can see, the less likely they will be to trip and fall. 


To prevent falls for your elderly loved one, it is also a great idea for fall safety, to make sure everything is in an accessible place. For instance, pots and pans shouldn’t be in a cupboard that is too low or too high. The more your elderly loved one needs to stretch or bend down, the higher their risk of falling will be. 

Fall Safety: Conclusion

These are some of the must-have fall safety tips for the elderly. Now that you know about these tips, you and senior care providers can help to lower your elderly loved one’s risk of falling. 

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