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The big question about driving is really whether your senior is safe to be behind the wheel or not. If it’s not safe for her to be driving, then she shouldn’t. But your definitions might not be the same.


Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Be a Better Driver
Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Be a Better Driver


Having an Independent Evaluation Might Be a Good Idea

You and your senior might feel a little differently about her driving abilities. One way to break that tie and to get an honest answer about whether she should be driving or not is to schedule an independent driving evaluation. A driving instructor rides with your senior and then provides a report about her driving skills and her safety on the road. This is a way to get a definitive answer and start making a plan.


Consider a Driving Course

Something else to consider is a driving course specifically for older adults. These classes usually have classroom training that includes the rules of driving and techniques for defensive driving. Some states require that older adults take these kinds of courses in order to maintain their licenses. Another benefit is that your elderly family member might save a bit on her car insurance if she completes the training.


Planning Her Route Can Help Her to Avoid Trouble

Even small trips around town might present some problems for your elderly family member if she goes the way that she’s always gone in the past. Time of day, traffic, and so many other variables can all present problems. Helping your elderly family member to plan her trips, even the ones in town, so that they’re efficient and so that they avoid potential problems can be a huge help. It’s also good for you to know what route she’s planning to take in case you don’t hear from her when you expect to.


She Needs to Know When Not to Drive and Have an Alternative

Probably the most important thing for your senior to do in order to be a safer driver is to know when she shouldn’t be driving. If the weather presents problems for her or if she has difficulty driving when it’s darker out, then it’s a lot wiser for her to avoid driving during those times. That doesn’t mean she has to stay put, though. Having alternatives, like elder care providers who can do the driving for her, means that she can still keep going, just not as the driver.

Keep in mind that giving up driving can be a sensitive topic for your senior. No one enjoys being told what to do and if your senior is worried that you’ll put your foot down about driving she might be a little extra defensive about the topic.



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