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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) was founded in October 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. The current aim of the NBCAM has grown to promote mammography over the years as the most effective preventive weapon in the fight against breast cancer.


Caregiver in Mankato MN: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Caregiver in Mankato MN: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In 1993, Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies, founded The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as its symbol, though this was not the first time the ribbon was used to symbolize breast cancer a 68-year-old California woman named Charlotte Haley, whose sister, daughter, and granddaughter had breast cancer, had distributed peach-color ribbons to call attention to what she perceived as inadequate funding for research. In the fall of 1991, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for breast cancer survivors.


5 Events to Honor Your Seniors with Breast Cancer

A variety of events around the world are organized in October, including walks and runs, and the pink illumination of landmark buildings. In the United States, the National Football League promotes breast cancer awareness by incorporating pink on and off the field, and comic strip artists use pink on one day in October. Three major days/events during the month of October in honor of those who have suffered from breast cancer (your seniors and others’ loved ones as well) include:


The National Race for the Cure – In October 1983 the Race for the Cure was held for the first time in Dallas, Texas, where 800 people participated. According to the organizers, by 2002 the number of participants reached 1.3 million and the event was held in over 100 US cities. The event is also being organized in several other parts of the world.


Breast Cancer Today – There are various two-day-long walks to raise money for breast cancer research institutes. Avon sponsors a 39-mile (60-km) walk. A walk, in Atlanta, offers varying lengths of up to 30 miles. Canada’s large “Weekend to End Breast Cancer” features a 60-km walk. St. Louis, MO offers a one-day-long breast cancer walk. This walk consists of three miles.


Susan G. Komen 3 Day – This 60-mile fundraising walk occurs in seven cities across the country, spread across 3 days. This even works to raise money for breast cancer research with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Male Breast Cancer – Male breast cancer is generally overlooked due to its rarity. In the past decade, male breast cancer advocacy groups have been developed, including Out of the Shadow of Pink, A Man’s Pink, and the Brandon Greening Foundation for Breast Cancer in Men. These groups joined together, creating “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week” during the third week of October.


Delta Air Lines made an effort of their own in 2010 by painting N845MH, a Boeing 767-432ER in “Breast Cancer Research Foundation” special colors. Additionally, in September 2015, a newer version of the livery was repainted on the same plane.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure.

The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Every October, BCAM, provides access to honor the number of lives lost to breast cancer every year along with your ability to honor those seniors in your life still living with this challenge every day, along with those who have already passed.

During October, you have the ability to take advantage of senior care for your loved one facing breast cancer, for senior care services that work with different breast cancer foundations, and offering much other support to senior foundations that work with breast cancer research and advancements. There is no reason to let the memory of a senior you have lost fall by the wayside when so many national and international groups work for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. There is still room for advancements in cancer research, especially with the need to develop both the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. You have the ability to honor your loved ones, friends, and any others during this month and all of the events that take place.


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