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Physical therapy for seniors can include aquatic exercise which can be easier on their body.

Physical therapy is a valuable tool for seniors who are having trouble with mobility or who need to make changes to be healthier. One of the exercises that physical therapists might recommend could involve water exercise.

Aquatic exercise is typically easy for seniors to start doing, especially if they have mobility challenges and need a supportive exercise environment. 

Low-impact Exercise

When seniors face issues like joint pain, arthritis, and other problems, high-impact exercise can be not only difficult but also painful. Water exercises are a low-impact alternative that helps reduce joint stress while also offering a workout. Water makes people more buoyant, which helps to support the body while seniors move. It’s a lot easier for seniors to move without causing injuries.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is a great way for seniors to build strength and muscle tone, two common problem areas for aging adults. Instead of using resistance bands, water can offer resistance as seniors move. Leg lifts, water walking, arm exercises, and more can all target specific muscle groups and help seniors build muscles in those areas. This works without putting strain on joints, making these exercises safer and more effective for seniors. 

Cardio Fitness

Water exercises offer a great way for seniors to get cardiovascular exercise. Activities in water are gentler on the joints, muscles, and heart while allowing seniors to get a solid workout. Exercising in water helps to build endurance and stamina, but it also helps seniors avoid getting too hot while they work out, which can be a deterrent to exercise for them.

Range of Motion Movements

As seniors age and encounter some health issues, they may start to have trouble with their range of motion. Working out in water helps physical therapy target specific areas and helps seniors improve the range of motion in their patients. Water helps reduce gravity’s effects, which can help seniors move their joints through a full range of motion more easily. Increasing flexibility helps to improve overall functional movement and safety.

Balance and Coordination Exercises

Maintaining balance and coordination is a common reason seniors need physical therapy. As seniors age, they may be at greater risk of falling. Exercises that involve standing or walking in water can help seniors improve both balance and coordination without worrying about falling. As seniors get stronger, they can also reduce their fall risks on land. 

Social Benefits

Water exercises can offer some social benefits, too. Often, water aerobics and other exercises are done in a group setting. Seniors can meet new people, develop relationships, and engage in social interaction that helps them feel supported. The social aspect can help reduce stress and promote relaxation for aging adults. 

Water exercises can be beneficial for seniors who need physical therapy. Simply by moving in the water, seniors can build strength, improve their range of motion, and improve their stamina. Physical therapy providers help their aging patients manage health conditions, improve fitness, recover from injury, and enjoy their lives as much as possible. 

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