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What You Should Know About the Flu

Senior Care in Marshall MN: Things to Know About the Flu

Senior Care in Marshall MN: Each year the fall and winter season can bring with it a danger that can strike quickly and cause devastating consequences. This is flu season, and this year the illness has been particularly severe, causing tremendous illness and even death throughout the country.

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Quitting Smoking Is Never A Bad Idea


Senior Care in Marshall MN When a person has been smoking for decades, quitting may seem difficult or even pointless, but this is far from the truth. In fact, no matter how long your parent has been smoking, quitting provides immediate and long-term benefits. Length of Smoking Habit One of the toughest aspects of quitting smoking…

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Overcoming Communication Challenges through Senior Care

Senior Care in Marshall MN

Senior Care in Marshall MN Communication is one of the fundamental cornerstones of any relationship. Both personal and professional relationships are built on the foundation of quality communication.  When it comes to senior care, being able to communicate effectively with the caregiver as well as the client is absolutely essential for many reasons. If a…

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Understanding the Flu and Senior Care in Marshall, MN

Senior Care in Marshall, MN

If you are responsible for providing senior care to a loved one, then it’s important that you understand the flu, as it’s getting into flu season again. While you don’t need to understand the medical dynamics of the flu, you should have a pretty good idea about why it tends to be more dangerous for…

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