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Mom Might Have Cataracts, but it Could be Something More…Encourage an Eye Exam

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There are many people in today’s society that have a tendency to try and diagnose their own physical problems. One of those problems could be related to their ability to see clearly. If your aging mother is having difficulty with her eyesight, she may just assume she needs a new prescription and isn’t puttingCaregiver in Marshall MN an eye exam is a top priority. If that’s the case, she can be exposing herself to unnecessary risk because those vision related problems may be more directly associated with cataracts, glaucoma, or something more serious.

June is Cataracts Awareness Month and while she or somebody else in the family may just assume that it’s a cataract, putting off an appointment with an eye care professional is a serious mistake. Yes, cataracts are readily treatable, especially with laser surgery that can be used to remove the affected layer of the lens to bring back clarity to the eye, but if treatment is delayed or ignored for a length of time, it can increase the risk of experiencing permanent vision loss or damage. As for you as her caregiver, it’s important that you understand the various risk factors involved with cataracts and other vision problems.

The mounting risk factors.

As people get older they will be at an increased risk of developing certain vision related problems, including cataracts. For people who reach the age of 80, more than half of them will have experienced at least one cataract in their life (National Eye Institute). When it comes to glaucoma, the risk factors are less, but not less significant. A person over 60 years of age is six times more likely to develop glaucoma than those under 60 (

Having more difficulty seeing clearly, whether it’s at night, seeing something in the distance, being able to read, or anything else may easily be passed off as simply weakening eyes, and while that may actually be the case, no one should be diagnosing themselves, regardless of their age. If you are your mother’s caregiver, and if she’s not listening to you about the various risk factors involved with her eyesight, you may want to consider talking to her about hiring a professional home care provider through an agency. An experienced caregiver could help encourage her to make an eye appointment and get checked by a professional eye doctor now, getting ahead of problems before they become permanent.

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Lori Seemann

Lori Seemann has a background in nurse management, hands-on critical care and business management. Her clinical expertise and knowledge of information systems had been instrumental in ensuring operational consistency in all branch offices. She led efforts that resulted in implementation of a new home care computer system that is utilized for staffing, scheduling, clinical records and billing. Lori continues to seek opportunities to improve caregiver productivity through nurse utilization of a unique point of care laptop computer system.