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Games to Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp

Caregiver in Marshall MN: Games to Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp

Caregiver in Marshall MN: Games to Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp

Keeping the mind fit is just as important as keeping physically fit, and you can help your elderly loved one stay sharper for longer with brain games. Certain games have been shown to boost attention, sharpen problem solving skills, extend memory and increase cognitive stamina. As a family caregiver, you can introduce your elderly loved one to a number of different games that can extend their mental abilities.

So what game is the best to keep seniors mentally sharp?

There is no single game that does the job, according to experts. Instead, mental stimulation is best done due to the novelty of a new brain challenge. So if an aging loved one only likes doing Sudoku puzzles, it’s time to branch out into crosswords or an online maze game to do something different. The more that seniors use their brain to perform a task, the sharper and stronger it becomes. Engaging the mind in complex ways is what is required to push elderly loved ones out of a mental rut.

Examples of mentally challenging games include basics like crossword puzzles, word searches, card games, chess, checkers, trivia games and puzzles. There are also numerous apps that provide an endless array of fun and colorful graphics that challenge the mind. From digital versions of classics to new strategy and puzzle games, apps on electronic devices can provide a lot of different varieties for seniors to enjoy.

Other games that seniors might enjoy to keep their brains focused and their minds alert are board games that require strategy. Ideas include chess, backgammon, Chinese checkers, checkers, and other similar classics that are fun and require thinking outside the box. If there are younger family members that like to play games, it’s an ideal time to bring the generations together and have some fun. The added bonus is that they require two players, so seniors can socialize with friends and family members as they boost their brain functions.

An idling brain can get fired up in many other ways besides playing games.

Anything that requires the neural pathways to operate in any way other than normal and routine is good for the elderly. Writing a note with the non-dominant hand, learning a foreign language, taking an art class or trying a new recipe are all activities that provide the same stimulation as a brain game. Reading thought-provoking books and articles, and then having a discussion with others about them is another way for elderly loved ones to keep current on world events and engage their critical thinking skills.

Along with a healthy diet, regular exercise and proper mental health care, seniors can expand their cognitive abilities and stimulate the mind. It’s especially important for the elderly to tackle at least one intellectual challenge every day to stay sharp and keep the brain in shape. Family caregivers like you can promote certain games and activities, set up apps on your aging loved one’s electronic devices and even join them for a classic game or two.

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