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Five Tips for an Angry Caregiver

You might find it difficult to cope with feelings of anger as a caregiver. It often seems as if caregivers don’t believe that they should ever feel angry, but that isn’t the case at all.

Home Care in Mankato MN: Five Tips for an Angry Caregiver

Home Care in Mankato MN: Five Tips for an Angry Caregiver

Don’t Try to Get Rid of Anger; Learn to Express it Safely.

Anger is a normal human emotion. What that means for you as a caregiver is that it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll banish anger completely from your experience. You can, however, learn to express your anger in a safer and healthier way. That’s the important skill for you to master.

Figure Out Why You’re Angry.

There are so many situations that can inspire anger in you as a caregiver. Some of them might be related to your own physical well-being, such as you might be feeling tired, frustrated, or hungry. Others may be situational, such as when you have to fix a problem for your aging adult. You might even get mad at your elderly family member. The key is to look at why you’re feeling the way that you are.

Determine What Helps You Feel Less Angry.

Start looking at what helps you to feel less angry when it pops up. Does taking a set of deep breaths help? Perhaps looking for a compromise is what helps most. For other people, a mantra is really helpful. Reminding yourself that “it’s all okay” can be really powerful. You may need to find a variety of techniques that can help in different situations.

Talk to Someone about Your Anger.

It really helps to have someone to talk to when you’re experiencing a great deal of anger. A counselor or therapist is a logical person to have on your team, but you might be a little nervous about talking to someone. If you attend caregiver support meetings, other caregivers can help you by talking about what they do when they’re angry. You might also find it helpful to talk to friends or family members who understand.

Take Time Away from Caregiving.

If you’re finding that it’s difficult to deal with anger or narrow down the cause, you might be experiencing frustration with caregiving itself. Taking regular time away from caregiving can help immensely with this. Hiring home care providers ensures that your senior is in good hands and that you can step back and care for yourself for a bit.

Once you acknowledge your anger and stop beating yourself up for feeling it, you can start to get practical about what you can do to help manage the anger. Some of the situations you’re in may be ones that naturally create an angry reaction, so don’t feel as if you’re overreacting or responding inappropriately.

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Lori Seemann

Lori Seemann has a background in nurse management, hands-on critical care and business management. Her clinical expertise and knowledge of information systems had been instrumental in ensuring operational consistency in all branch offices. She led efforts that resulted in implementation of a new home care computer system that is utilized for staffing, scheduling, clinical records and billing. Lori continues to seek opportunities to improve caregiver productivity through nurse utilization of a unique point of care laptop computer system.