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Fall Prevention and Anti-Wandering Devices

Elder Care in Marshall MN

Preventing falls is critical to your parent’s health and safety. Not only because of the injuries and complications that can result from a fall, but also due to the fears a fall can instill. These fears can Elder-Care-in-Marshall-MNparalyze your loved one to the point where they hesitate to go on walks or even walk from one room to another. The advent of technology has created devices designed to help you and your loved one feel more secure.

Caregiver Pager with Bed Exit Alarm

This motion sensor detects movement, keeping you or your senior care provider informed when your parent is exiting a bed, chair or room without assistance. The caregiver pager provides an audible alert, and can be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. This allows you to spend time cleaning or preparing meals knowing that you’ll be notified if your parent starts to move without you.

Active Protective

Active Protective was developed by Dr. Robert Buckman who saw, first hand, the debilitating effects of hip fractures in the elderly. This belt deploys airbags over the hips when its wearer falls. 3D sensors detect the fall, causing the airbags to deploy within a fraction of a second.

Motion Sensors

If you are concerned about your parent wandering off when no one is with them, use of motion sensors that transmit information wirelessly to a service provider via the internet will offer relief Placing in strategic locations such as by doors and windows will allow you to keep track of your wandering parent before they get too far.

Video Audio Monitoring systems

These systems allow you to view your parent remotely. The benefits of this are many.

  • Allows you to see your parent’s activities when no one is present.
  • Allows you to address safety issues. For instance, you notice that when you are not present, your parent does not use the walker to go to the restroom.
  • Ability to see if they are using the correct form when getting up from chairs or from their bed.
  • Ability to see if they are taking unnecessary risks. Once determined, you can have a heart-to-heart talk with them about your concerns and, in this way, ensure you’re doing the best you can to prevent a fall from occurring.


While monitoring devices help you detect if there is an issue, frequent exercise helps prevent a problem. Keeping your loved one active is the best way to ensure their balance remains steady and their muscles strong. Exercises that help maintain balance include tai chi and yoga while water aerobics provides exercise that is easy on sore joints.

Elder Care Providers

The best prevention for falls and wandering is, of course, a family caregiver or an elder care provider. If you’re not available or in need of some time to replenish, consider the services of these trained professionals.

If you or someone you know needs elder care in Marshall, MN, contact Prairie River Home Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.


Lori Seemann

Lori Seemann has a background in nurse management, hands-on critical care and business management. Her clinical expertise and knowledge of information systems had been instrumental in ensuring operational consistency in all branch offices. She led efforts that resulted in implementation of a new home care computer system that is utilized for staffing, scheduling, clinical records and billing. Lori continues to seek opportunities to improve caregiver productivity through nurse utilization of a unique point of care laptop computer system.